Water-based heat as a heating method

vannbåren varme

Cost-effective and reliable heating

We at Energy Rent have for several years rented out reliable and cost-effective temporary heating and water-based heating systems for a number of areas of use. Whether the equipment is to be used for planned operations or for unexpected emergency situations – we have the equipment and the expertise needed to resolve the situation as cost-effectively and quickly as possible.

Heating can be done in many different ways and water-based heat is one of several different ways. Water-based heat is simply and briefly explained as water that is heated via a heat source. A water-based heating system, together with other various renewable heat sources, is a cost-effective and reliable heating system.

Water has a good heat capacity, and is one of the main reasons why many people choose to rent a water-based system rather than using other solutions that often include many small units.


Many areas of use for waterbased heat

Waterbased heat can be used in most occasions and markets, and can be used in both planned and unplanned situations. The heating method is a particularly preferred solution on building sites, but is often also used in existing homes and buildings. Completed construction projects that plan to use water-based heating as a heat source when the project is finished can have many advantages by using water-based heat also during the construction phase itself.

Hotels, hospitals, production, office buildings, sports arenas, and football pitches are just a few examples of where water-based heat can be used. Among other things, we have supplied water-based heat for heating the grass on football pitches, which we actually see as a growing trend in sports arenas.

In unforeseen events where the connection to district heating is lost, we can quickly regain access to the system by connecting to one of our mobile systems. In such cases, we can supply, among other things, a central heating system, or a radiator with a fan for hot air.


Water-based heat has many advantages

One of the biggest advantages of a water-based heating system is that you release large amounts of dust into the air, which a heating fan would otherwise have emitted. A water-based heating system therefore works well in situations where sensitivity to dust, asthma or allergies can arise – such as in the office.

A mobile heating center is an alternative for renting water-based heat. We have several types of mobile heating units, and it is possible to choose between heating units that are powered by gas, electricity, oil, bio-oil or pellets.

waterbased heat


If you choose electric heating, rather than a gas or oil-fired heating system, the solution will also be more environmentally friendly, and can actually also be more efficient at times – if all the surrounding conditions are present.


Many possibilities

Water-based heat is only one of many possibilities for creating heat. For many years, we have helped our customers with heating, and the possibilities are many.

One possibility is to use a heating system where hot water is produced for water-based heat. It is also possible to use a water heat pump, then either air-to-water or liquid-to-water. Bio boilers are also an option.

Most often, we use mobile heat pumps, electric boilers, bio-boilers, gas boilers or pellet boilers when we need to produce hot water for the customer’s water-based heat. The heat that is produced through the plant is further conducted through flexible hoses sized as required, ranging from DN25 to DN150.

waterbased heating

We have skilled personnel who adapt and tailor water-based heating solutions that satisfy your needs. Get in touch if you want more information or references for renting water-based heating.


Water-based heat for football pitches

In several projects, we have delivered heating systems where water-based heat has been used. Water-based heat is an effective heating method, which is becoming more and more popular to use.

Interest in heating options at sports arenas is increasing, and it is becoming more and more normal to heat the turf on football pitches. The advantages are great in winter when snow and frost quickly form on the mat.

For such projects as heating mats on football pitches, we have used a mobile heating center for the production of the heat. Furthermore, we have delivered water-based heat into the grass mat itself.

In previous projects, we supplied 7.5 MW of water-based heat through one plant. We have also delivered heating centrals in the megawatt class for several projects.


Mobile Heat Central 1500kW
Mobile waterbased heat central

At any time

Our mobile devices are packaged in a smart way. We package them so that they are easy to transport, take up little space, and are also easy to install.

Circulation of glycol liquid in the system will prevent freezing during inactive periods. It will also enable the start-up of the system in temperatures as low as -20⁰C.

Our equipment can be supplied with remote monitoring technology, so you can focus on operations. Our technical team then monitors and keeps control of the equipment around the clock, for you.

Long experience with heat

We at Energy Rent have over ten years of experience in renting out water- heat to most markets. We have high technical experience in the area and professionals who can help tailor a solution to your needs.

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In a rush?

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