Ice rink in winter week 2022

Isbane på Randaberg

Randaberg municipality is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022, and we have therefore set up a 10 x 15-meter ice rink on the square.

Great advantages with a built-in skating rink

The car park in the center has been given a 150m2 ice rink. The ice rink is surrounded by a large tent that accommodates the entire ice rink, as well as extra living space where children and adults can, among other things, enjoy things they have brought with them or goods from the kiosk. A built-in ice rink has created a lot of joy, as bad weather has not put a stop to the use of the rink.

The ice rink creates social cohesion in the village

The ice rink at Randaberg has defied all expectations. We were also contacted the week before the demolition, with a request to keep the ice rink a week longer than planned, of course, we were involved! During the time period, the ice rink was open. several times were set up where schools, kindergartens, and other groups could book their own time on the rink – already a week after installation, all available times were fully booked!

The skating rink in the center became a social arena, which large parts of the village used. The rink was mostly full of happy people, both morning and evening. Several different activities were set up for the whole period, including a skating disco which was a big hit among the youngest.


Support to cover costs

The spare bank foundation supported the municipality during the winter week with costs to cover the ice rink. The ice rink was operated by various sports clubs and other teams and associations in the village. This is a great opportunity if it is not desirable for us to be responsible for maintenance.

See the video below from the opening of Vinterugå 2022 and the mobile ice rink

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