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Chemical cleaning of heating systems

Chemical cleaning of heating systems is a critical maintenance task that ensures optimal operation of both new and older heating systems. The process involves removing dirt, corrosion particles, and other contaminants that may have accumulated in the system. This cleaning is not only essential for maintaining the system's efficiency but also for extending its lifespan and reducing energy costs.

New heating systems

We often see that new heating systems are put together without cleaning the system before it is put into operation. You may then experience dirt and particles entering pipes and equipment during installation.
If you don’t clean the heating system, this could be left behind and be carried around by the water flow.

Small particles will then act like sandpaper and you can get both erosion and corrosion as well as operational problems with pumps and other equipment.
In addition, particles will be able to collect where the mass flow is narrowed, as in, for example, heat exchangers. If there is accumulation of particles in heat exchangers, will this in turn lead to higher pressure loss, poorer heat transfer and finally increased operating costs.

Older heating system

Older Heating Systems
For older heating systems, the challenges are often more complex. Over time, the following problems can occur:

  • Scaling: Hard water and high temperatures can lead to scale formations in the piping systems, which reduces efficiency.
  • Corrosion particles and biofilm: These accumulate over time and can block the flow or damage system components, leading to inefficiency and potentially costly repairs.
  • Poor Economy and Operational Problems: Without regular maintenance, operating costs can increase significantly.

Before chemical cleaning begins, a thorough inspection of the system is performed, and the medium is analyzed in a laboratory to determine the most effective cleaning method.

Chemical Cleaning of Specific Components
We perform chemical cleaning for a range of systems, including:

  • Heating and cooling systems: Optimizes operation and energy consumption.
  • Heat exchangers: Improves heat transfer and reduces pressure loss.
  • Dry coolers: Maintains efficiency and extends lifespan.

Why Choose Us for Chemical Cleaning?
Our team of specialists has extensive experience and uses the latest methods for chemical cleaning. We offer customized solutions based on your system's specific needs and ensure that the work is carried out with minimal disruption.

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