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Kilfrost K400 - Pneumatic Antifreeze

Pneumatic Antifreeze

You can find Kilfrost K400 at Energy Rent, the Nordic Distributor for Kilfrost. K400 is an antifreeze and lubricant specially developed to ensure stable and safe operation of pneumatic equipment, even in the toughest environments.

We in the Nordics are no strangers to cold weather, a major challenge for pneumatic equipment. It's good to know that with K400 pneumatic antifreeze, your compressed air equipment will have a better and safer day-to-day operation.

In cold weather, the water in pneumatic equipment can freeze, often resulting in blocked air flow. Kilfrost K400 is designed to be added to the airflow so that it mixes with the water and thereby lowers the freezing point.

This means that the water will not freeze and the free airflow ensures full operation. Due to K400's ability to mix with water, it is ideal for use in water well drilling, as K400 is flushed out of the hole at the first influx of water.

K400 is not an additive, but a synthetic lubricant. Kilfrost K400 maintains very high quality, even under extreme pressure.
Features such as absorbing up to 4 times its own weight in water, being water-soluble, biodegradable, tested at pressures up to 17 bar, and having a freezing point of -60C, make Kilfrost K400 a safe choice.

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