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Kilfrost ALV - 100% - 1000liter

-40°C to +40°C

ATTENTION! Supplied in 1000 liter IBC – Standard color is PINK

Kilfrost ALV is a cooling water fluid specially developed to increase both efficiency and safety in low temperature cooling, perfect for the food industry, ice rinks etc. Kilfrost ALV has a low viscosity, and a non-toxic coolant formulated from bio-derived base fluids that are listed as GRAS by the FDA.

Kilfrost ALV follows ASTM D1384-05 for corrosion inhibitors.

Kilfrost ALV has been developed to offer greater efficiency than monoethylene glycol (MEG) based fluids. This means we can now offer our customers a safe, non-toxic, higher performing alternative to monoethylene glycol.

Replacing more viscous fluids such as monopropylene glycol (MPG) or Glycerin based products in existing systems with Kilfrost ALV will give you an immediate increase in both pump and heat transfer efficiency, leading to immediate and sustained energy savings.

So you take the best from both camps. MPG (non-toxic) and the best of MEG (higher performance than MPG, but toxic) and form is new, Advanced Low Viscosity.

Delivered in 1000 liter IBC
Advanced Low Viscosity Glycol (ALV)
High performance non-toxic heat transfer fluid
Outperforms MEG, MPG and Bio-PDO and Ethanol based heat transfer fluids
ALV delivers lower pressure loss and lower pump costs
Protects against corrosion
Classified as non-toxic liquid according to CLP/REACH
Superior environmental profile Free of nitrates, nitrites, borates, heavy metals and phosphates
Optimal temperature range -40°C to +40°C