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We heat or cool your events

«The show must go on»

Too hot and stuffy wedding venue? Ice cold inside the party tent the day before your 50th birthday? Don't stress! We at Energy Rent heat or cool your events.

Imagine this scenario: The food is on schedule, the music is on, the guests arrive and the mood is at its peak. Everything goes perfectly and exactly as you had imagined, but then suddenly the sweat starts creeping. The temperature in the room just keeps getting higher. It becomes stuffy. You notice that this affects the good atmosphere that was there at the beginning. This is a common problem that can easily be solved with the right expertise and equipment.

DSB has created a guide to make events safer. Here they address different scenarios with a view to improving safety. They mention both challenges with heating tents/halls with diesel and gas, as well as climate challenges.

«The show must go on» is a mantra many have to live up to, regardless of the unpredictable obstacles that might arise. Then it's good to know that we at Energy Rent are ready to assist when you have an important event on the doorstep. We deliver safe and good solutions for heating, and efficient and good solutions for ventilation and cooling.

Tailor-made environmentally friendly solutions

We at Energy Rent heat or cool your events, whether it is heating and cooling of premises, tents and halls. Every year, we deliver cooling and heating equipment to a variety of different events. Everything from large trade fairs in halls to smaller private gatherings in garden tents.

We focus particularly on environmentally friendly solutions. For example, we can deliver mobile «plug-and-play» heat pumps that have low operating costs and super fast installation. We also have equipment for biodiesel and electricity.

Fast delivery time

We plan, dimension and set up the perfect solution for any occasion. We can deliver to most central areas in the country within 1-2 days. So in other words, we are ready to do our best to ensure that your event goes smoothly. We know how important optimal conditions are for your event through our own turnkey concept with mobile ice rinks.

We at Energy Rent are a solid partner who knows how important it is to deliver as agreed, on time and at the agreed price. Do not hesitate to contact one of our skilled employees!

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