Emergency cooling – Immediate delivery of cooling equipment

nødkjøling bondegård

Immediate equipment, ready for emergency cooling

The degrees are gradually rising, and we are heading toward warmer times. Long johns are often replaced by shorts and dresses. Flowers in several colors bloom on all sides, and fresh vegetables are enjoyed both raw and grilled. Warmer times offer many wonderful things, but maintaining cool rooms can be more demanding than usual. Beans and other workers involved in cultivation can, among other things, have challenges when fresh vegetables or flower bulbs have to be stored at the right temperature. At excessively high temperatures during storage of, for example, potatoes and carrots, the shelf life of the raw materials is reduced considerably, and the risk of an immediate stoppage and the need for emergency cooling increases.

There are strict requirements for how vegetables should be stored. Carrots that are to be stored for a long time must be kept at a temperature of 0 degrees. Without the low temperature being maintained during the storage process, there is a risk that the carrots will rot.

Beans and gardeners who need cold rooms for storage naturally have their own systems for this – but what happens if the equipment fails? Or not able to perform enough? Or that the equipment should need a planned operation or service stop?

We at Energy Rent have good experience with temporary cooling. In several projects, Energy Rent has contributed to maintaining cool warehouses, in order to meet the degree requirements for storage. We have a large warehouse with a wide product catalog of cooling systems for hire and we are ready to deliver fast emergency cooling, should an accident occur, or should emergency cooling be needed for a planned shutdown. Our personnel have a high level of competence in mobile cooling, and are compatible to solve just about any challenge with emergency cooling!

Avoid food waste by having the right temperature!

A vegetable farmer from Nærland, Norway contacted us when he had problems with the temperature in his cold room. The compressor in one of the cold rooms had failed, and he faced challenges with storing several tonnes of carrots. It had also been a very good vegetable year and needed more storage space.

We at Energy Rent delivered a mobile cooling solution so that the vegetable farmer Arnt-Egil Nærland avoids throwing away tons of carrots. The room where we installed mobile emergency cooling was not originally used as a cold room, and Nærland thus got even better storage space. The cooling solution we supplied resulted in Nærland being able to store 150 tonnes of carrots at the right temperature.

Temporary emergency cooling can be delivered at short notice

We have extensive experience, good expertise, and a wide selection of products and equipment, which means that we can help at short notice, with a quick solution adapted to your needs. We are specialists in the rental of emergency cooling, and in 2020 we were contacted by a company that needed urgent help when their complete cooling system suddenly stopped. In just under two hours, we delivered a complete refrigeration system and managed to ensure that food in the food warehouse did not have to be thrown away.

Let us help you

We know how. Over the years, we have helped many businesses in many various industries. Our skilled experts can help you find the right and optimal solution for your needs. 


In a rush?

We are available, and we can deliver within 24 hours. We have good experience in situations where time is really important for the customers, and needs must be met as soon as possible. We will take care of transport and installation.



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