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Testing of unit

We will rent out heating, cooling, and ventilation for your test

Energy Rent AS are experts in renting temporary warmingcooling and ventilation system.

We have helped customers to offer good and correct rental solutions for testing, for several years.

Energy Rent has the expertise to carry out testing where there is a need for heat or cooling in the form of liquid or air. We also have personnel who can calculate dimensions in advance, and therefore we can guarantee results that are safe, good and predictable.

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Right equipment - Accurate temperature

We have long and good experience with testing data and servers at Energy Rent, and we have several reference customers such as Media City Bergen, The Swedish Armed Forces, and Green Mountain.

In Bergen, we were hired to test the data halls for Media City Bergen (which, among other things, houses NRK and TV2) before a permanent cooling solution was put into place. For The Swedish Armed Forces, we tested the cooling of various defense buildings. These are two big projects we are proud of.

Teknisk rom lei kjøling

Right temperature - Safe testing ​

For several years have Energy Rent helped customers by offering good and correct rental solutions for testing and cooling. It is important that you, as a customer, are confident that you will get what is expected in terms of the correct temperature and required capacity during the test.

Bilde av en som utfører service

We go the extra mile

Energy Rent is always ready to welcome you. We have a qualified staff that will assist you as a customer with everything from planning to the actual design down to the detail level.

We can offer installation, service, and maintenance. We can also offer tailor-made service and maintenance concepts. We offer interesting financing methods if needed, such as “rent-and-buy” or rent with a so-called “buy-back” option.


Compressor testing

We tested an offshore compressor for K. Lund Offshore, where we delivered all pumps, cables, hoses, and flanges for the project. We solved the task by cooling down the excess heat with a cooling machine and a mobile heat exchanger.

Whether you want to rent small cooling units, larger cooling systems, or other accessories for your existing cooling system, we can help you find the right solutions. We produce according to your wishes and requirements, and we have a comprehensive and large selection of equipment.

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You are in safe hands, let us help you further!