Mobile Heating Central HC 325

  • 50 to 325kW heating capacity
  • Heat 90/70°C
  • Compact design in 10-foot container
  • Mixed heating circuit
  • Integrated Security Tank System
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Optional GSM error message


The HC325 contains an industrial boiler that is condensing, and together with a modulating Weishaupt burner makes this mobile heating center is incredibly flexible. It is ready for immediate and independent use. The HC325 contains a frequency-controlled pump, and expansion vessel and has built-in monitoring.

Heat capacitykW50 – 325
Dimensions L x B x Hmm2991 x 2438 x 2591
Weight (empty)kg3900
TemperatureºC90 / 70
Safety valvebar3
Flowm3/h15: 8-10 mWS
Hot water capacity 45ºCl/hOptional
Heating oil tankliter1500
FueltypeLPG / Bio-olje
Remote controltypeOptional
ConnectionCEECEE 32A 5 poles / 400V
Pipe systemtypeSteel


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