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150kW chilled water machine with remote monitoring
2 pumps
1000 liter buffer tank
1m³ propylene glycol
4 x 10m 2″ hose sets

The Challenge

In the salmon farming industry it is crucial to keep the water temperature at a stable and low level to ensure optimal growth and health for the salmon. The farm needed a solution that could deliver steady and reliable cooling, especially during warmer months when the risk of overheating is greatest.

The Solution

Energy Rent rented out a 150kW chilled water machine equipped with remote monitoring to provide continuous and efficient cooling. Complete with 2 pumps, a 1000-litre buffer tank, 1m³ propylene glycol, and four 10m 2" hose sets, the system was installed to ensure that the water remained at the desired low temperatures. The remote monitoring technology allowed for precise control and adjustment of the temperature as needed.

The Result

With the new cooling solution, the farming facility could maintain the necessary water temperature continuously. This helped improve growth rates and overall health for the salmon, reducing the risk of diseases often associated with higher water temperatures. The result was more efficient production and higher quality salmon.

With Energy Rent's chiller solution, we have achieved steady temperature control that is crucial for our salmon production. It has given us greater security and improved the quality of our salmon.

- Operations Manager, Salmon Farming

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