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Mobile steam plant with a capacity of 1000 kg/h
Mobile oil tank included for efficient operation
Required for functional testing of industrial equipment

The Challenge

A client needed a reliable and efficient steam source to carry out functional tests on an industrial dehumidifier. The challenge was to offer a solution that could produce a necessary amount of steam with high reliability and safety to support the testing procedures.

Mobil Hetoljekjel

The Solution

Energy Rent responded to the customer's needs by delivering a mobile steam plant that could produce up to 1000 kg of steam per hour. The plant included a mobile oil tank for easy and efficient operation. This system was chosen for its ability to provide stable and controllable steam, which was essential for achieving accurate test results on the dehumidifier.

The Result

With the mobile steam plant from Energy Rent, the customer was able to perform extensive tests on the dehumidifier under realistic operating conditions. The system ensured a constant and reliable steam supply necessary for evaluating the dehumidifier's performance and efficiency. The tests were carried out successfully, providing valuable insight into the product's capabilities and improvements.

Energy Rent quickly provided the mobile steam plant we needed for our tests. Thanks to their solution, we were able to conduct reliable and efficient tests of our industrial dehumidifier, which was crucial for our product development.

- Project Engineer

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