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Rental of mobile heat exchanger to industry.

Heat Exchanger Rental

Rental of heat exchangers from Energy Rent

At Energy Rent, we offer a wide range of heat exchangers for immediate rental. Our selection includes mobile heat exchangers made of different materials such as titanium and 316 acid-resistant steel, suitable for most applications, both with gaskets and soldered.

Did you know that we are also a distributor of heat exchangers and can help you acquire a new exchanger for purchase? We can deliver complete units with connectors, transitions and hoses, and even add shunt systems to give you the exact parameters you need.

Expertise in heat exchanger rental and heat transfer

After several years of experience with sales at manufacturers, distribution and rental of heat exchangers, we have acquired expertise in temporary heat transfer. As our previous projects show, we have handled a variety of tasks related to temporary heat transfer, and the rental of heat exchangers is a central part of our expertise.

Rental of heat exchangers to the aquaculture industry

In the aquaculture industry, the right water temperature is crucial when the fish are to be put in the water. We offer equipment for both heating and cooling of seawater, brackish water, and freshwater. For our customers in the aquaculture industry we have delivered solutions to regulate the water temperature and ensure optimal conditions for fry and smolt.

Rental heat exchangers in different variants

The main task of heat exchangers is to transfer energy from one medium to another. They can also be used for pressure relief or to create a hydraulic barrier between two media. Heat exchangers come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the area of use.

Heat exchangers are an important component in many industries and are also used in air conditioners and to cool combustion engines. The most common types of heat exchangers we offer include liquid-to-liquid, air-to-liquid and air-to-air heat exchangers.


Dimensioning of heat exchangers for rent

Cost and performance are two key parameters influencing the choice of heat exchangers. A significant factor affecting the price is LMTD (Log Mean Temperature Difference), which represents the difference in temperature across the heat exchanger.

When dimensioning heat exchangers for rent, we consider a number of parameters, including capacity, temperature, surface area, pressure loss, and the type of media that will transfer heat. We use advanced dimensioning tools that can be adapted to your specific requirements to tailor the most optimal heat exchanger solution.

Kilfrost ALV: a non-toxic solution

It is also important to choose the right heat transfer fluid for the job. Let's look at an example in the food industry. Here, the non-toxic fluid propylene glycol is often used. The disadvantage of this fluid is that it becomes thicker at low temperatures, resulting in increased pressure loss, reduced performance, and higher costs. By choosing the non-toxic Kilfrost ALV fluid, you can use a smaller heat exchanger and achieve significant cost savings. Kilfrost ALV is specifically developed to enhance both the efficiency and safety of low-temperature cooling.

kilfrost GEO 25l

At Energy Rent, we have the expertise and equipment you need to find the optimal rental heat exchanger that suits your needs. Please, feel free to contact us for a non-binding conversation about heat exchanger rental and temporary heat transfer.

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