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Solar Propylene Glycol (SP) - 100% - 1000 liters

-45°C to +200°C

ATTENTION! Delivered in 1000 liter IBC – Standard color is YELLOW

Thermatrans Plus SP is a high-performance concentrated, non-toxic high-temperature heat transfer fluid based on propylene glycol.

Thermatrans Plus SP contains vapor inhibitors and has been developed specifically for use in solar heating systems.

The inhibitors in Thermatrans Plus SP provide exceptional protection for a variety of metals and have been tested according to the internationally recognized ASTM – D1384 corrosion testing standard.

Thermatrans Plus SP is readily biodegradable and will not persist in the environment or accumulate.

Designed for use in solar heating systems
Protects against frost down to -45°C (depending on dilution)
Protects against corrosion (ASTM D1384 Tested), scale and sludge formation
Contains evaporable corrosion inhibitors for extra protection at high temperatures
Buffered to resist degradation and acidification
Temperature range -45°C to 200°C
1000L SP