Rental of Heat exchangers

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Rent Heat Exchangers

We at Energy Rent have rental heat exchangers in many varieties that are ready for immediate hire. We have mobile heat exchangers in various materials such as titanium and 316 acid-resistant for most applications, both gasket and brazed.

By the way, did you know that we are also a distributor of heat exchangers and can get you a new exchanger for purchase as quickly as possible? We can supply complete units with connectors, transitions and hoses. We can also add a shunt and give the customer the parameters they want.

Renting heat exchangers and heat transfer is our core expertise

After several years of experience from sales at manufacturers, distributors and rental of heat exchangers, we now have top expertise in temporary heat transfer. As the link shows, we have done many assignments when it comes to temporary heat transfer, and as a rental heat exchanger a central part of.

Rental of heat exchangers for the farming industry

In this industry, temperature is the alpha omega when the fish is put in the water. We have the equipment for both heating and cooling seawater, brackish water and fresh water. For customers in the fish farming industry we have done everything from cooling or heating the water to fill the tanks with properly tempered water for hatchery fish and fry.

Mobil varme til oppdrett av berggylt
Mobile heat for breeding Ballan wrasse

Rent heat exchangers in different variants

The main task of heat exchangers is to convert energy from one medium to another. They can also be used for pressure relief or to create a so-called hydraulic separation between two mediums. Heat exchangers come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Depending on which area of ​​use is used.

Heat exchangers are used in all types of industries. They are also used in air conditioning and to cool internal combustion engines. The most common heat exchangers we can offer are liquid-to-liquid, air-to-liquid and air-to-air.

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rental of heat exchanger

Cost and performance are two key factors that come into play when we dimension our heat exchangers. The most important factor that controls the price is LMTD, which simply explained means the difference in temperature above the heat exchanger.

When we dimension heat exchangers for hire, we have to take into account various parameters such as capacity, temperature, area, pressure loss and type of medium. Here we use different dimensioning programs that can be adjusted to all your parameters and requirements. We then tailor the most optimal heat exchanger based on your needs.

Kilfrost ALV

It is also important to choose the right medium for the job. Let’s look at an example of a heat transfer fluid that is widely used in the food industry. In this type of industry, the non-toxic liquid propylene glycol is normally used.

Kilfrost GEO
Kilfrost ALV

The disadvantage of this type of fluid is that it becomes viscous at low temperatures, which in turn leads to increased pressure loss, lower performance and higher cost. By instead using non-toxic Kilfrost ALV fluid, you can use a much smaller exchanger and save a good deal of money just on a simple change of fluid. Kilfrost ALV is specially developed to increase both efficiency and safety at low temperature cooling.

Let us help you

We know how. Over the years, we have helped many businesses in many various industries. Our skilled experts can help you find the right and optimal solution for your needs. 


In a rush?

We are available, and we can deliver within 24 hours. We have good experience in situations where time is really important for the customers, and needs must be met as soon as possible. We will take care of transport and installation.



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