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Rental of fossil-free heating for your construction site

The Future of Construction Sites
The Norwegian government desires fossil-free solutions for construction sites across the country by 2025. The Environmental Directorate has mapped the use of fossil heating and concluded that gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and gas will be phased out in the coming years. In their report, they mention that heating units using fossil diesel can be replaced with heat from electricity or district heating.

Therefore, at Energy Rent, we focus on delivering solutions for fossil-free heating. We offer rental of fossil-free heating for your construction site. Do you have a large project underway? Do not hesitate to contact us about fossil-free solutions during the construction process itself. At Energy Rent, we have the expertise and equipment that aligns with the government's wishes.

Drying and Thawing
We rent out fossil-free heating in many varieties for your construction site. Should you need heating during the construction process, whether for drying or thawing, we have what you need.

In our product portfolio, you will find everything from mobile heat exchangers to air coils. We can rent out waterborne heat with bio-oil, gas, heat pumps, or electricity. For us, no projects are too small or too large. We have delivered several heating systems in the MW class, actually over 7.5 MW in a single project.

Reference Project: Defense Building in Sweden
One of our reference jobs related to the rental of fossil-free heating for construction sites was when we tested the cooling system for a defense building in Sweden with bio-oil. We delivered 1.5 MW of heat with complete delivery, temperature control, and shunt. RME100 bio-heating oil on rapeseed meets the requirements for fossil-free, and most of our equipment can run on this type of oil.

Why Choose Energy Rent?
By choosing Energy Rent, you not only gain access to cutting-edge technology and tailor-made solutions but also a partner dedicated to reducing the construction industry's environmental footprint. Our expertise and experience ensure that your project achieves maximum efficiency with minimal environmental impact.

Contact Us for Fossil-Free Solutions
Are you ready to make your construction site more environmentally friendly? Contact us for a non-binding conversation about how we can help you achieve your environmental goals with our fossil-free heating solutions. Let's work together for a greener future.

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