Rental of heating, cooling and ventilation to industry


Energy Rent are specialists in the rental of mobile solutions within heating, cooling and ventilation systems.Our competence and experience, as well as access to a number of special products, enable us to deliver specially adapted solutions that meet your needs.

Hot oil

Hot oil systems can be run at a higher temperature than water and at a lower pressure than steam. One has good control of the process temperature, which is very important in some industries.
Since hot oil plant does not contain water, you will not have any problem with ice formation. In addition, there are few problems with corrosion, condensation and deposits as a result of the oil’s properties.

Utleie hetolje til limindustri
Utleie mobil dampkjele


With us you can rent finished steamboilers, for larger steam plants, and/or accessories for your existing steam plant.

We have qualified personnel who will help you find the right solutions and who will be able to support you from planning to design in detail. We offer start-up, service and maintenance.


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Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers ensure efficient heat transfer between different mediums and liquids. Many small channels ensure efficient transmission over a larger area. Many channels result in exposure to particles, corrosion and dirt in the facility, which can lead to poorer transmission and can create higher operating costs for the heat exchanger. This is something that happens over time in most facilities, and therefore inspection and possible cleaning are essential to ensure an economical and operationally reliable facility.
Lav temperatur coil
midlertidig varmeoverføring

Experts in heat transfer

We at Energy Rent turn around quickly if the accident is out of the question. Should you need urgent or temporary help with your cooling or heating system, we have a good solution for you.Our expertise in heat transfer gives you as customer a unique opportunity to hit the mark, get exactly the test conditions you need and secure the most optimal the operating conditions. In our fleet we have mobile heat exchangers , water-to-water, water-to-air, in addition to the energy sources and accessories you need.



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