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A heat exchanger is a mechanical device designed for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. With over 10 years of

Steam systems are used to generate and distribute steam for various purposes in industrial and commercial settings. The steam can be used

Industrial buildings and facilities such as factories, warehouses, server rooms, refrigerated and frozen storage, and production facilities often require air conditioning to

A mobile electric boiler is a tool with versatile properties Our mobile boilers can be used for, among other things, supplying hot

Portable heat pump Portable heat pumps are flexible and very useful. There are few things worse than sitting in an office shivering

Fossil oil is an energy source used for heating on construction sites. It is a form of crude oil that has been

Good ventilation is important to ensure a healthy and comfortable work environment in businesses. There are several benefits of having a good

Cost-effective and reliable heating We at Energy Rent have for several years rented out reliable and cost-effective temporary heating and water-based heating

Rent out hot oil plants to several types of industry Hot oil systems are used in several types of industries, and for

Dry cooler for use for cooling or free cooling A dry cooler is flexible and has several areas of use, which makes

Building dryers and building heating for many occasions Environmentally friendly methods for building drying and building heating on Norwegian building sites are

Cooling – or heating problems? Crises can arise. Do not allow fire, large amounts of water, or equipment failure to disrupt operations

Optimal water temperature for farmed fish The fish farming industry in Norway is huge, with an annual turnover of more than NOK

Steam boilers are units that produce high-pressure water vapor through heating water. The water can be heated in various ways, including by

Immediate equipment, ready for emergency cooling The degrees are gradually rising, and we are heading toward warmer times. Long johns are often

We supply turnkey mobile ice rinks with solutions that guarantee safe ice, completely without complications. Icebreaker is a concept by Energy Rent

Randaberg municipality is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022, and we have therefore set up a 10 x 15-meter ice rink on

Fossil-free building site – Stricter requirements The future is a fossil-free building site! The traditional construction site used construction machinery and solutions

What does an emission-free construction site look like? By 2030, all building and construction activities in the largest cities in Norway must

Maintaining the correct temperature is essential in a temporary cold store. A few degrees of heat for many can quickly mean spoiled

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